Brazil is one of the places that I have never been to but would like to see someday. Then I remember how much I hate to travel and how expensive it always ends up being, and realize I will never actually go. It’s just as well. All the hot Brazilian babes I see in porn won’t magically be waiting to ride my cock the moment I step off the plane anyway.

Mike is not like me. He is a man with a plan, and he makes things happen. He got into porn so he could fuck all the chicks he wants and make money in the process. He is basically living the dream, so long as you don’t have nightmares about dying in a plane crash on your way to a shoot location.

Mike has a couple of sites in the Reality Kings Network. The one that really makes me envy him is Mike in Brazil. He goes there and knows exactly how to pick up the chicks and get them to let him film and fuck them. There are a lot of gorgeous big asses with bikini thong tan lines.

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